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The HPP+ filter is capable of eliminating ultrafine particles (smaller than 0.1 micrometres, μm), allergens, pollen, mould, cigarettesmoke, exhaust gasses and more. The filter is made of an embossed polypropylene film, a self-charging electrostatic material, wrapped in a cylindrical shape, and the European patented design allows the polypropylene to hold charged sides. The powerful HPP+ filter technology removes bad odour with activated carbon. The performance of this filter is even more improved with the ION generator.

1. Remove the power connector from the HomePure Zayn.

2. Remove the HomePure Zayn top section.

3. Remove the existing HPP+ Filter cartridge from the bottom section and keep it in a sealed package for proper disposal.

4. Clean the Prefilter gently with a vacuum cleaner or with a cloth.

5. Reassemble the new HPP+ Filter cartridge in the bottom section.

6. Attach the top section of the HomePure Zayn onto the bottom section; make sure the rib on the top and bottom sections are aligned and the machine is centred on the base. Then, set the power connector on.

7. The ON/OFF button will be illuminated on STANDBY mode. Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the HomePure Zayn and it will switch to AUTO mode as its standard setting.

8. The red LED in the AUTO/FILTER section will illuminate. Reset the filter’s timer by pressing Auto Mode for 3+ seconds, then the red light should be gone.

* HPP+ Filter must be replaced every 6 months

HomePure Zayn HPP+ Filter helps protect you by catching polar and non-polar harmful particles via electrostatic induction, thus purifying the air in your home.