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New experience for coffee drinkers around the world. No sugar (sucralose is used as sweetener), no trans fat, no cholesterol, no preservatives, and low calorie.

Net weight: 150g (15g x 10 Sachets).

PRIKKA Spicy Coffee is the product of research and development by Thai pharmacist inspired to create a unique taste for global coffee industry. PRIKKA is well received throughout the world, as a pride of Thailand, and has been rewarded by such prestigious organizations as the Gold Medal Award from Invention Geneva, Switzerland , World’s most important invention exhibition , MIHAS Award 2019 from Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation, Most Innovative F&B Product from World’s largest halal trade fair , and SIAL Innovation Selection 2019 , China .

Granted Patent, PRIKKA is protected by Patent Act of a full 10-year term as “Coffee with Chili” For the first time ever, a coffee that can double as a dessert without sugar added , now with PRIKKA Spicy Caramel Latte line for milder coffee drink, and naturally mellow aroma of caramel, and PRIKKA’s spicy twist. Explore the new exciting experience from smooth latte body, sweet scent from caramel, and a pinch of spice. Every sip takes you spiraling down in love of spicy aroma. Feel the embrace of warmth that engrosses the whole body, as you find PRIKKA Spicy Caramel Latte harder and harder to resist.

PRIKKA Dessert Coffee is packed with flavorful delight. Thai Bird Chili, the heart of many Thai cuisine, is also introduced in the spicy coffee. It induces body heat, as well as burns fat and calories. Plus, the chlorogenic acid extract from Green coffee bean, medically proven to burn fat ,regulate cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure , is in PRIKKA Dessert Coffee as well. The duo forms a new coffee that comes with health benefits. Just a sip to try is not enough, as it hooks you in, with the warm sensation sent from your stomach dissipating throughout the body like a good burn from a mile run. PRIKKA coffee offers a wonderful healthy dessert, no sugar added, no trans fat, and no cholesterol, for coffee drinkers.

Experience PRIKKA ’s one-of-a-kind spicy coffee for yourself. It is not as hot as you think, but it sure is more delicious than you expect. PRIKKA Spicy Coffee is touted the new coffee legend with innovatively potent taste. It is enlisted in Thailand’s National Innovation List for 8-year term (from 2017 – 2025), and granted Thai Petty Patent of a full 10-year term (from 2017 – 2027.)

PRIKKA works its way spicing up just a hint at the tip of the tongue. The burn swiftly slips away as creamy bubbles drown out the edgy reaction. Its magic is actualized again raising certain heat in the stomach and soon throughout the body, the thermogenic effect, like a nice warm embrace of love.

The secret of PRIKKA stems from Thai cuisine prominent ingredient, the Thai Bird Chili. Capsaicin found in Thai Bird Chili is known to elevate metabolism as well as revitalizing the minds. After studious laboratory work, Capsaicin, as the active ingredient, was combined with Chlorogenic Acid from unroasted green coffee beans to draw the world’s coffee wonder. The result is a perfect coffee with the health benefit of Thai culinary in PRIKKA Spicy Coffee whose innovation breaks new ground in coffee when every sip, every cup, means a health benefit, an ever exciting and satisfying experience.”

PRIKKA Dessert Coffee gives you………

  • Enthralling sensation from a hint of spicy taste, quickly wisp away.
  • Blissful surprise for world’s first Spicy Caramel Latte, most enticing, most irresistible.
  • The afterburn effect as though coming out of a body workout.
  • Endearment like the embrace of loved ones who care about your health and body.
  • Sense of leading new trend as Prikka’s innovative taste is braving its way to global coffee industry.

Never a sip too many!!!