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Light the fire in your soul

Set your style ablaze with this statement piece that is gloriously surrounded by a chain of illustrious sparkle.

Material Brass
Stone Paparadscha CZ + White CZ
Size 1.6 CM
Chain: 18″+2″ extendable

Fine jewellery and fashion jewellery should not mix whether you are wearing them, cleaning them, or storing them. Therefore, never keep your real gold and other jewellery together. Always store separately.

To avoid your jewellery from tarnishing or becoming rusty or pitted due to moisture, quickly keep them in plastic bags. Wrap loosely inside the bags and store in boxes, drawers, or plastic containers.

Always use big containers to keep jewels, do not jumble them with smaller ones.

While cleaning your jewellery, do not immerse it in water or any cleaning solution. Doing so will cause a change in the colour of the stones. It also dissolves the material used to set the stones. Instead, use a damp, soft cloth to wipe the jewellery.

Never apply perfumes, deodorants, oils, body lotions or hairspray while wearing the jewellery, as the chemicals will tarnish the plating. Spray the perfume or hairspray first and then wear the jewellery.

Avoid wearing jewellery when bathing, going to bed, swimming, or when exercising.

Do not bend or apply excessive pressure to delicate jewellery. Bracelets or necklaces should be stored in a flat manner with stones turned upward to prevent them from coming loose and to maintain the shape of the jewellery piece.